Meet The Owners Of EGA!

Simon Kay

Simon was born in York, England and grew up playing Rugby at club, Regional and National level. He has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 35 years and have been involved in Gymnastics for 18 years. Simon is a NCCP certified Level 3 Women's and Level 3 Men's competitive coach. He started at EGA as a strength and conditioning coach and quickly moved on to coach the senior competitive girls. Most recently He has taken the responsibility of coaching the Provincial stream girls which is a very proud achievement for him and something he takes very seriously. His passion for coaching and training has always been with him, it has been a dream of his for many years to be able to run a gym of his own and he is very proud and excited that this opportunity has come along. Simon's principle goal is to teach kids about life through gymnastics. He emphasizes hard work, perseverance, respect, handling disappointment as well as success, and being disciplined. These are the lessons that will stay with them for life and help them become better people as well as better athletes. 

Nicole Kay

Nicole was born at North York General Hospital, a place where years later she would spend 17 years as the IT Helpdesk Coordinator. She participated in many sports but her favourite of all was gymnastics. Nicole spent hours at home doing cartwheels and handsprings in the yard with her friends and it was this passion that led her to become a Provincial gymnast and eventually a competitive coach. Nicole holds her Women's and Men's Level 2 NCCP coaching certification as well as her Level 2 NCCP Trampoline. Every since Nicole was a child she drempt of owning her own gymnastics club and finally her dreams are coming true. For Nicole, Gymnastics has made her who she is today. As a coach, Nicole's commitment to the athletes who spend their time to come to EGA and the parents who sacrifice so much to have their children be part of our gymnastics family is extremely important to her and she hopes she can provide a rewarding experience for all. Her primary responsibility is managing the Recreational Program at EGA and being the face of Evolution Gymnastics Aurora. Please come by and introduce yourself to Nicole in the office, she looks forward to meeting you all!

Remembering Sarah Smith

Evolution Gymnastics Aurora was the dream of the late Sarah Smith. With the support of her husband Bruce, they opened EGA in July of 2010. Sarah had been coaching and judging for many years, creating a legacy of kindness and aspiration that drew many of us to her. When word got around she was opening her own gym, coaches from all over saught out positions at EGA, including Simon and Nicole.

When Sarah fist opened EGA, we started with a few dozen athletes coming through our doors. Soon there were hundreds of young gymnasts coming through EGA's doors each week. We were making our presense known in Aurora as well as at competitions accross the Province. It seemed EGA was here to stay. However after a long and hard fight with breast cancer, Sarah passed away May 29th 2018. Words cannot express how much she is missed. As EGA moves forward with Simon and Nicole at the helm, we hope to keep her dream alive as we honour her legacy.

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